With many orders being shipped from and through China, there have been recent orders impacted by New Years celebrations and recent viral outbreaks. This has resulted in longer than expected processing times, as well as delayed shipments while certain courier channels are given clearance by the Chinese government. 

We appreciate all of the patience and understanding our customers have exercised while these matters have been sorted out. We are currently expcting that any pending orders should finally be shipped out no later than  this week (w/o Feb. 17). We are fully prepared to provide  impacted customers whose orders have been pending for over 2 weeks with a refund in the event orders are not shipped this week.

Yes, we deliver all over the world with FREE Shipping! It is very important that you provide a clear address and phone number so that orders are delivered to the desired location.

In shipping worldwide, delivery certainly varies by location. With that, orders processed here will take 7-25 days to arrive. Customers in North America, Central Europe and select Asian countries have seen delivery times within 2 weeks. Locations that are harder to reach or have certain customs clearance(s) typically observe longer shipping times. Delivery details will be provided in your confirmation email.

You may also visit our Shipping page for further details. 

Our inventory is housed in factories based in China, Turkey, Spain and Russia. Order delivery times do depend on which factory a given set of inventory is stored, but we have selected as many locations as possible to keep shipping times reasonable for shoppers. 

We are actively researching new locations where we can store inventory in the US and additional European countries, in an ongoing effort to improve shipping times for our valued customers.

General Product

We always aim to make sure our customers love our products, but if you do need to return an order, we’re happy to help. You may review our refund policy here, as well as email us directly to have the process explained if there are any questions.

Guru aims to remain competitive and fair in pricing. Thanks to the various retail partnerships that we have with electronic manufacturers, we are able to offer pricing that is more affordable than typical market value.

But do not let that fool you! We strive to source products that we appropriately vet for quality, benefit and novelty. You deserve to experience the latest tech accessories and gadgets, without spending all of your savings on them.

Most of our higher value products like earbuds, smart watches and bluetooth speakers come with at least a 1-Year warranty. Please refer to the literature provided in product packaging for more details specific model details and steps you should take in the event of leveraging an existing  warranty.


Yes - the headphones and earbuds that we sell have universal compatibility. So enjoy high quality, Bluetooth audio on your iOS, Android and other major operating systems.

We are pleased to provide headphones and earbuds that offer the benefits and features that our customers expect and deserve.

This includes:

- IPX waterproof structure

- Hi-fidelity quality sound

- Ergonomic design for comfort fit

- Noise-cancellation technology

- And much more! 

Take a closer look at the description and images on each product's page for more specific model features and benefits.


You can contact us through our contact page! We will be happy to assist you.

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